Coming in late 2021 - this site will describe some of the many encounters with various families over the decade or so that I tracked owls there before moving to Victoria in late 2019.

This new site will replace OwlsInThePark - my current (outdated) site. That one started out with the idea of tracking all my encounters with owls In Stanley Park and the vicinity.
That project was too large to manage and was never really completed, but still has lots of valuable information. So please check it out while waiting for this site to "hatch".
There will be a new "companion" site - OwlsInParks - covering some of my adventures with various owl species in the parks of British Columbia's Lower Mainland and Greater Victoria. 
Between the two they will cover all the information from the old site, and more, in an up-to-date format. Meanwhile, most of my effort will be going into expanding my general photography site, where you can find a specific gallery dedicated to Owls.

Mark T. White

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